GMAT Private Tutoring New York


Date: According to prior agreement

Time: According to prior agreement (all time zones are covered)

Course Language: English

Course Participants: Max. 1

Materials: Necessary material will be sent via e-mail.

Location: In New York (Manhattan) where applicable or at the student’s home.

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Optimus Prep is the BEST RATED GMAT preparation company on, the biggest GMAT forum worldwide!

All private tutoring packages include our score improvement guarantee – IMPROVE OR 100% MONEY BACK

Private tutoring is by far the most effective method of GMAT preparation. Optimus Prep specializes in arranging and providing private GMAT tutoring to students of all levels all over the world. From the very beginning of any course offered through Optimus Prep, the participating student receives individualized attention focusing on the unique strengths, weaknesses and needs of that student.

The probability of scoring over 700 points on the GMAT is 70% if you take our 34 hour private tutoring package!

With our Unique Approach, we combine our award-winning 60+ hours recorded on demand video course with private tutoring lessons from our highly qualified expert team. Our comprehensive on demand video course is included for free in our 23 or 34 hour packages and covers every quantitative and verbal topic necessary to master the GMAT from A-Z.

Our GMAT prep options are especially well suited for non-natives or people who are out of school for years.

We highly recommend watching the entire course before even starting with your actual lessons. Alternatively, you can watch only those parts of the course which you will discuss in your next session with the tutor. You will be extremely well prepared when you get started and then have the chance to ask any remaining questions. If you don’t watch the course in advance or at least while taking lessons, you’ll be giving away a big piece of your opportunity to improve. Only in-person interaction with qualified and experienced tutors can help students get rid of persistent weaknesses and develop deeper subject knowledge. That is the reason why we offer private tutoring lessons for about half the price of other test prep companies—we want our clients to score over 700 points!

On average, Optimus Prep course participants improve their GMAT scores by 94 points – by far the highest increase of all companies!

When any student starts a GMAT course provided by Optimus Prep, he or she will first take a diagnostic test, which will be provided. The diagnostic test will be a computer adaptive test (CAT) identical in format to the real GMAT; this approach ensures the most accurate possible results for initial assessment purposes. Using accurate diagnostic test results will allow the personal tutor to begin arranging a unique course layout for the student, concentrating most heavily on the most obvious problem areas, at least at first; as the course goes on and the student improves, the tutor can adapt course material fittingly. This dynamic strategy optimizes not only the quality of GMAT preparation, but the efficiency, as well.

Optimus Prep employs only tutors who scored in the 99th percentile of the actual GMAT to provide the best possible preparation

All tutors also have at least three years of work experience in professional test preparation. The employment of top-notch tutors and the utilization of a tried and tested approach allow us to happily guarantee the best possible GMAT preparation to any student taking courses through Optimus Prep. GMAT courses come coupled with round-the-clock availability of the GMAT tutors, allowing students access to help even between tutoring sessions. Our tutors will promptly answer questions through e-mail, correct completed homework assignments, critique essays, and simply be accessible. As the courses progress, the student and his or her tutors will be able to arrange lesson appointments at the student’s convenience; our time-tables are always flexible and accommodating. Whatever the level of the student, from complete beginner to a veteran test-taker simply looking to up that score just a few more points, we at Optimus Prep have the means and the will to design an individualized and effective course – and we are confident in our ability to help.

Official studies show that 83 percent of all GMAT test-takers who have achieved a GMAT score of over 700 points studied with a professional preparation course or program.

Anyone who’s serious about intensive GMAT preparation and wants a truly high GMAT score should absolutely enroll in private GMAT courses. The GMAT score is by far the most important admissions criterion in a successful business school application; the most renowned international business schools give enormous weight to GMAT results. Appointments for GMAT tutoring sessions are available on a broadly flexible schedule, and weekend arrangements are also possible. The lessons can take place in the student’s apartment without extra charge if it is located near the city center. The amount of time needed for optimal preparation varies dramatically from student to student and depends on the individual details; therefore, Optimus Prep offers a free diagnostic test to anyone interested in taking courses. This test will give both you and us a better idea of your personal needs as well as the appropriate number of hours that you should consider booking.

The included 60+ hours On Demand Video Course covers the following concepts in detail:

Algebra I Algebra II Analytical Writing Assessment – Writing the Argument Essay
Analytical Writing Assessment – Writing the Issue Essay Charts and Graphs; Sequence and Series; Functions; Concept Questions Combinations and Permutations
Comparisons Conditional Sentences Critical Reasoning Questions I
Critical Reasoning Questions II Critical Reasoning Questions III Geometry I
Geometry II Motion and Mixture Problems Number Properties I
Number Properties II Parallelism Parts of Numbers I
Parts of Numbers II Parts of Speech Probability
Problems with Modifiers Pronoun Problems Reading Strategies
Small Details I Small Details II Statistics
Subject – Verb Agreement Tenses Work Problems; Overlapping Groups



GMAT Private Tutoring Advantages:

-  By far the most effective method of GMAT preparation

-  Individual support

-  GMAT diagnostic test to identify your personal weaknesses

-  Individual study plan to eliminate your personal weaknesses

-  Optimus Prep offers the best rated private tutoring packages on GMATCLUB.COM

-  60+ hours GMAT On Demand Video Course FOR FREE in the 23 or 34 hour package (Original Cost $499)

-  50% less expensive than most competitors

-  Score improvement guarantee!

-  Especially well suited for non-natives or people out of school for years

-  Flexible schedule

-  Tutor can come to your apartment without extra charge

-  Numerous GMAT practice tests included to keep track of your progress

-  Numerous practice questions

-  24/7 support

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