IELTS Private Tutoring Berlin



12 hours package: $1,300.00  (each additional hour $100.00)

23 hours package: $2,170.00  (each additional hour $90.00)

34 hours package: $2,980.00  (each additional hour $85.00)

Course Participants: Max. 1

Date: According to prior agreement

Time: According to prior agreement

Course Language: English

Course Description: 

Optimus Prep specializes in arranging and providing private IELTS tutoring to students of all levels all over the world. From the very beginning of any course offered through Optimus Prep, the participating student receives individualized attention focusing on the unique strengths, weaknesses and needs of that student. 

All tutors offering lessons through Optimus Prep have themselves received exceptionally high scores, up to the 99th percentile, on the IELTS. All tutors also have at least three years of work experience in professional test preparation. The employment of top-notch tutors and the utilization of a tried and tested approach allows us to happily guarantee the best possible IELTS preparation to any student taking courses through Optimus Prep. IELTS courses come coupled with round-the-clock availability of the IELTS tutors, allowing students access to help even between tutoring sessions. Our tutors will promptly answer questions through e-mail, correct completed homework assignments, critique essays, and simply be accessible. As the courses progress, the student and his or her tutors will be able to arrange lesson appointments at the student’s convenience; our time-tables are always flexible and accommodating. Whatever the level of the student, from complete beginner to a veteran test-taker simply looking to up that score just a few more points, we at Optimus Prep have the means and the will to design an individualized and effective course – and we are confident in our ability to help.

If you are interested please send us an e-mail to

Materials: Necessary material will be sent via e-mail.


IELTS Private Tutoring 12 hours package – Berlin
$ 1,300.00
IELTS Private Tutoring 23 hours package – Berlin
$ 2,170.00
IELTS Private Tutoring 34 hours package – Berlin
$ 2,980.00

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