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On average, Optimus Prep course participants improve their GMAT scores by 110 points – by far the highest increase in the industry! Therefore, we are among the best rated GMAT prep companies worldwide.


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Optimus Prep is specialized in online private tutoring because it delivers the exact same experience as in-person tutoring but can be offered for a lower price due to the elimination of room costs. It is also more flexible and accessible worldwide with an internet connection.

Big test prep companies have an entirely different cost structure and have to consider additional cost factors such as office staff, administration, marketing or test centers.

This leads to a big difference in pricing.


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Our beliefs are simple. Affordable prices, high-quality preparation and a range of customizable features coupled with a transparent 50 points score improvement or full refund guarantee.

We have GMAT courses for all needs. Whether you are completely new to the test or a GMAT veteran looking for a final boost, we have the best product for your individual needs. Our prep options include private tutoring, our award-winning GMAT On Demand Course and our GMAT online class course.


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