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Optimus Prep is among the best-rated GMAT prep companies worldwide!

We are specialized in professional GMAT preparation and assist our clients on their journey to success. Our unique approach has helped numerous students to lay the foundation for their academic future. Because of the superior quality of our service we offer as the only GMAT prep company a free and non-committal online trial hour with a 99th percentile GMAT tutor.

Moreover, we have a transparent 50 points GMAT score improvement or full refund guarantee and even a 700+ GMAT score guarantee exclusively for our 34-hour private tutoring clients. This is unique in the entire test prep industry and proves our confidence in our ability to help you mastering the GMAT!



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Optimus Prep works exclusively with GMAT tutors who have scored in the 99th percentile and therefore belong to the top 1% of test-takers worldwide. Additionally, all tutors have long-term backgrounds in teaching and have helped hundreds of students to achieve their target GMAT scores. Numerous studies have shown that the combination of adequate homework, periodic GMAT practice tests, and assistance and input from professional tutors is the most efficient and effective means of achieving a high GMAT score.

“My tutor George helped me to learn all GMAT concepts from A-Z. Thanks to him I scored 720 with only 2 months of preparation.”

– Lamin, Wharton School Of Business Graduate

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“After 2 months of intensive studying, I finally improved to 720. Thank you, Optimus Prep!” 



“Thanks a lot for the valuable lessons and your complete guidance through the verbal GMAT part. Your approach for Reading Comprehension helped me to master the GMAT.” 



“I took the GMAT today and scored a 750. I am the happiest guy in the world! Thank you, Optimus Prep!” 



“The video lessons, transcripts, numerous practice questions and quizzes helped me to master the GMAT. I am more than happy that I scored 730 points compared to my diagnostic test score of 570.” 

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